Certifiably Awesome

Lots to report today on the Awesome front. 

First, congratulations to Senior Developer Mark "D" Drzycimski for snagging his Google Analytics certification. It's not every day you see a web developer with this sort of qualification, which makes Mark a rare bird indeed.

"It's important for our development team to have a clear understanding of how we can deeply integrate Analytics into our sites," Mark informed me. "Without metrics, there's simply no such thing as strategy—it's all shooting in the dark. Google Analytics provides us with the information we need to help our clients achieve real, measurable goals."

Eric Ellefson, our Director of Digital Development, also rocked the proverbial house with a Google AdWords certification. "Creating websites is cool," Eric noted, "but knowing how to drive traffic to those sites? Awesome. Google AdWords certification is the benchmark for those who understand that, and I am stoked to have earned the certification."

We’re stoked, too! Congratulations to both of you on your achievement.