We’ll begin accepting applications on January 1st. If you want to know more, take a look around. But you’d better hurry! This plane stops for no one.

experience all aspects of digital


Skydive is a full-time, paid opportunity for current college seniors who want to work at a cutting-edge digital agency.

We do it all—and so will you during this fast-paced, three-month summer program. ​ ​From email marketing and Facebook ads to content strategy and even design, you’ll​ ​ ​learn everything there is to know about the web.

But no one flies solo around here. You’ll be a part of our team from day one. And we ​like to have fun, so don't be surprised if you spend an afternoon at Thunder Road, go on​ ​outings for chicken and waffles, or win a stuffed animal from our in-office claw machine.

Service Offerings

our teams are agile and motivated

Notebook and Gears

Account Coordinators

Account coordinators are do-it-all kind of folks. They communicate with clients, pitch in with online marketing, help out with side projects and keep jobs on track. Everyday is different.

Online Marketing Strategists

Online marketing strategists dig into analytics, understand the power of a perfectly written Tweet, and get excited about clicks, follows, and conversions. They live in the online world.

Chart and Graph
King's Crown and Papers

Content Strategists

Content strategists combine strategy and creativity in writing for the web, and ensure that all web content works for both people and bots. They take on a brand’s voice and deliver content to meet client goals and objectives.

Designers & Developers

Designers help develop a cohesive online presence for brands. They design advertisements, email templates, websites, and a whole lot more using a slew of strategic best practices.

Developers transform pixels into code. They’re fluent in PHP, CSS, and HTML, and build sites within the ExpressionEngine framework.

Device Screens

expect the unexpected

We think our internships are awesome. But we may be slightly biased, so read what a few of our past interns have had to say about working at Click Rain.

Lauren Glover

Build Your Web Repertoire

"Initially, Click Rain’s attention to detail, fresh content and creative design lured me in. My excitement grew when I was able to play a role in all of those things while working alongside an energetic and creative team whose passion for all things web was not only evident, but contagious. From website development and design, to social media strategy and ad construction, I gained real world experience and applied the things I had learned at school in a fun and inspired workplace. My internship helped build my web repertoire and prepared me for success in the best way possible."

—Lauren Glover
Chelsey Nugteren

Spread Your Tech-y Wings

"My internship at Click Rain offered me a leg up in a crowded job market. While at Click Rain I was able to gain experience in email, social media, and all forms of digital marketing. I was able to improve my copywriting skills and try my hand at some graphic design.

Most importantly, my internship at Click Rain taught me how to be resourceful, respectful and a great future employee. I worked directly on several accounts and saw projects from start to finish. I learned how to communicate with clients and manage projects with organization and efficiency.

These experts took me under their techy wings and taught me what I needed to know for my next step in life. After my time at Click Rain, I moved directly into a marketing strategy role at an internationally known non-profit.

But don't worry, it's not all work—there will be enough Mountain Dew to keep your sugar high a constant, and inter-office banter to give you daily belly-laughs."

—Chelsey Nugteren
Kylie Dahl

Wait, Was I Supposed to Leave?

"The atmosphere at Click Rain is both what attracted me to the agency and what made me decide to stay as a full-time employee.

When I started as an intern, I was on a client project that allowed me to use and challenge my skills in email marketing, social media, project management, and graphic design. The culture here is so rewarding because you are not only tasked with projects that challenge you, but also as you prove your strengths, your responsibilities can grow and new opportunities can arise. It is a culture that never stops learning or teaching.

From my past internships, the lesson I always walked away with was that digital is both the future of marketing and my passion. I was lucky enough to find a digital marketing agency that is full of passionate folk just like me."

—Kylie Dahl

it’s time to take the jump

We’re looking for interns that are driven, can gel with our team, and aren’t afraid to suit up. So what are you waiting for? Show us you’re interested and tell us a little about yourself. Impress us. But, please, no skywriting.

Applicants must be graduating in the spring or winter of 2015 and have previous internship experience.

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