Amanda Oberg

Content writer Amanda Oberg is an amazing hybrid of creativity and drive. Whether she’s writing a content marketing thinkpiece for your blog or crafting a full website’s worth of copy, you can bet that she’s going to do it quickly and well—and love every minute of it.

Amanda holds a degree in journalism from U of M, but has never stopped learning. In fact, her favorite part of her job is learning as much as she can about her clients and their industry, and translating that information onto the web.

Amanda’s love of learning carries over to her personal life as well, where you can always find her trying out new hobbies (e.g., hiking, running, and snowboarding), creating new things (Amanda is an incredible painter, crafter, and cook), and enjoying a well-deserved glass or two of wine.

As a crucial asset to the creative team, Amanda brings wicked smarts and a wicked sense of humor to match. She’s a delight to work with, and her love for what she does makes her work sparkle.