Peder Aadahl

Peder went to classical school—we're talking about the Trivium. (They even taught him Latin and how to build a trebuchet.) So it's no surprise that he approaches marketing from a slightly different perspective. He started off his career with a somewhat different track too, getting his feet wet with podcasting before moving on to more traditional marketing tactics. In this, Peder was once again ahead of the trend.

Which makes sense, because Peder is results-driven with a futuristic tendency. Significance is a key driver. He genuinely wants to help his clients grow their business and see that significance for themselves. As a marketing engineer, he brings expert marketing techniques to his clients, but he also explains why these techniques are important and how they're helping.

Peder likes getting out of his comfort zone to think about the big shifts that might be coming. And he’s usually uncannily accurate about it. He's most proud of reaching a 91% conversion rate on a landing page, becoming one of the first Google 5pecialists, and living a debt-free life.

Outside of work, Peder is always learning. His current passion is video, lately using it to capture one of his favorite activities: hanging out with family. He also makes a practice of staying fit in body and spirit, through regular exercise and meditation.