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Great Ohio Lodges: Co-Branded Emails See 652% More Revenue

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The Great Ohio Lodges consist of three unique Ohio state park properties. Guests marvel at the natural beauty surrounding each lodge, including the Shawnee Lodge & Conference Center in West Portsmouth, the Burr Oak Lodge & Conference Center in Glouster, and the Hueston Woods Lodge & Conference Center in College Corner. However, each lodge offers distinct amenities and experiences. So while they all have their own unique email marketing plans, they send quarterly Great Ohio Lodges co-branded emails.

Email open rates and click-through rates stay consistent for co-branded and individual property emails, but the revenue generated at each lodge is what makes co-branded emails a success.

When comparing revenue generated for each lodge from three co-branded email sends versus three non-co-branded emails, the results are clear.

Co-branded emails allow subscribers to book their stay at three different properties. We attribute the performance of these emails to subscribers booking their stay at a lodge that is different than the one that sent them the email.

Now, before you think that this takes revenue away from the lodge that sent the email, note that all lodges see significantly higher revenue generated from co-branded emails as opposed to property-specific emails. But we’ll get into the specifics below.

This strategy does not take revenue away from the lodge that sent the email, instead all Great Ohio Lodges see significantly higher revenue generated from co-branded emails as opposed to property-specific emails.

Co-Branded Email Campaign Example

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, properties sent a co-branded promotional email. For Cyber Monday, open rates increased by 183% over normal monthly sends, and each property received an 8-9% click-through rate from recipients who didn’t click within the Black Friday email.

Revenue generated on Black Friday amongst all three properties was, on average, 275% higher than the average co-branded email and averaged 571% higher revenue than a non-co-branded email.

Want to learn more?

The overall goal of any marketing campaign is to generate revenue, but engagement and relationship building are important performance indicators as well.

The past three co-branded emails were sent by each of the Great Ohio Lodges. Each has it’s own unique subscriber list. However, over 50% of those who opened the email clicked to learn more about a sister property, as opposed to the property the email was sent from.

Since each property’s lists are comprised of people that have engaged with their brand and stayed at their property, it’s exciting to see these subscribers wanting to learn more about the experiences and specials at the two other Great Ohio Lodges properties.

These email campaigns produced exceptional results because of strategic planning and testing. “By putting strategy into co-branding our emails, we’ve had the opportunity to grow the Great Ohio Lodges brand, which helps all three of our properties in the end,” said Kathy Helton, Regional Revenue Strategist for Great Ohio Lodges and Regency Hotel Management.

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