Content Writer

Tess Hedrick


Understanding people’s stories goes hand-in-hand with helping them solve problems, and Tess Hedrick knows it. Whether in writing, on screen, or in person, she naturally makes people feel at ease—and then listens to what they need. The result is a well-communicated problem that gets an informed solution.

It’s a part of her personality that she turned into a profession: Tess attended the University of Kansas and received her bachelor’s degree in journalism, as well as a minor in English. After working in television for seven years, she decided it was time to work on the other side of the screen and switched to marketing. It’s still journalism, but in a role that allows her to bring clients’ stories to life and help solve their audiences’ problems.

Having grown up just outside Kansas City, she’s naturally a barbecue and Jayhawk fanatic. Tess loves Sioux Falls, though, and has made herself at home here. You can find her power-walking in town, riding a Harley (on the back, mind you) through the Black Hills, or in the kitchen with a glass of wine. And, when she comes back from visiting family, you’ll find her with a cooler of ribs in the car—because “you can’t beat Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.”