Dordt Pro-Tech

After initiating its Pro-Tech program, Dordt College sought to raise regional awareness of this new educational opportunity. The program combines internships with in-class activities, offering students a unique learning experience.

The Click Rain video team created television ads that targeted prospective students interested in either manufacturing or agriculture programs, and they drove recruitment to the Pro-Tech program’s initial class. The ads combined storyboarded imagery with unscripted to-camera interviews, ensuring authenticity and cohesiveness throughout. Dordt then added the ads to their website’s Pro-Tech pages for continued use and value.

We also created a promotional documentary to explain Pro-Tech in more detail to serve the program’s admissions and fundraising efforts. We used a combination of to-camera interviews, aerial video, archival footage, storyboarded and impromptu filmmaking, and timelapse to create a varied and engaging experience. To tie it all together, we leveraged detailed sound design to increase viewer immersion and create a cohesive whole.