A Brand New Journey

If you’ve ever been to Sioux Falls, there is a good chance you have seen Sioux Falls Construction’s work firsthand. With more than 100 years of construction expertise under their belt, they found their market expanding to a much broader region and wanted to reflect that progress by restructuring their brand. With this change on the horizon, they came to Click Rain to build a new website that would rebrand Sioux Falls Construction in a way that was true to their regional footprint, but still reflected their history and core business in the Sioux Falls area.

Introducing Journey Group. Created as a parent company of their five core business divisions, the newly created Journey Group needed a website that reflects their new direction but still communicates their values and commitment to every project. Since the joint site launch and announcement of their rebranding on April 16, 2014, they have received a lot of positive feedback on the website.

“It’s great to go out into the community and have people say, ‘That’s a great website.  Who did you have build it?’” said Jay Rasmussen, vice president of business development & marketing at Journey Group.

We are pleased as punch to have played a part of this new chapter for Journey Group. What will the next 100 years bring for them? With history as a foundation and great leadership as a guide, I see a strong future indeed.