A Whole New View

Imagine a world where you can peer inside your favorite museum, restaurant or college all from the display of a computer. That world is here and the technology is called Google Business View.

Google Business View is a progression from Google’s original panoramic, Street View, which launched in 2007.

While Street View is executed through a Google Car equipped with cameras that drives all over the world, Business View is conducted by taking high-quality photos of business interiors, overlapping them to create one clear 360 degree tour, and uploading them into the Google Maps system.

Google Business View of Click Rain

But why do we need this?

In several cases, having Google Business View appear in search results with the “See inside” caption has led to an increased click-through-rate, reservations or foot traffic at brick and mortar stores.

This technology is definitely more suited for service-oriented companies like hotels, restaurants or retail outlets. Who wouldn’t want to see the condition of the hotel or restaurant before staying or eating there?

Leekes, a department store in the United Kingdom, found major success by integrating Google Business View into their online strategy. According to the Google case study, visits to the store increased by 20 percent after the department store added Business View to their site.

In another Google case study example, people who used Google Business View for a restaurant were more likely to make a reservation to eat there.

Click Rain had Business View done a few weeks ago, by a Google Certified photographer in South Dakota, Nathan Maas.

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“The certification process involves testing, learning the guidelines that Google provides, and consistently producing high-quality tours,” Maas said.

If you and your business are interested in having your interior photographed for Google Business View, cleaning the space should be number one on your priority list.

"The best way to prepare for a photo shoot with Google is to set the business up exactly how you want it to be seen by the world,” Maas said.  “Clean everything, remove clutter, and make the business look how you want it to look everyday. “

Before our shoot, Nathan instructed us to clean our desks as the zoom capabilities are so great in Google Business View, that even a coffee stain can be seen.

We are excited to have Google Business View implemented for Click Rain and would be happy to help arrange one for your business.

Check out the Business View of our office and see if you can find our Easter eggs!