Amanda Oberg Gets AdWords Certified

Digital marketing strategy is the backbone of Click Rain, and a large part of the work we do for clients includes producing and optimizing AdWords campaigns that produce results. That’s why we’re excited to add Amanda Oberg to our roster of AdWords Certified individuals!

Amanda is now one of two team members that took on the challenge of completing the Advanced Display Advertising test. Now we have a total of seven AdWords Certified people in the building!

“I’ve always been intrigued by image, video, and media-rich ads on the web, mostly because creating successful ones poses a challenge since they have a reputation of seeming spammy,” said Amanda. “I’ve seen astonishing results from display campaigns in the short amount of time I’ve been at Click Rain, so I know there is a lot of potential for success for those utilizing them. That’s why I was excited to complete my certification and dive deeper into what makes great display ads.”

Learning plays a significant role in our culture, so we’re pumped to have more Click Rainers coming on board who are willing to dive in and learn new skills.

Help us congratulate Amanda on this awesome accomplishment.