A “Little” Client Appreciation

What do you do for one of your favorite clients as a special thank you? You commission an artist in China to create a handmade custom bobblehead of them. Naturally.

Side-by-side comparison of Erin Butler and the bobblehead made of her face.

The bobblehead artist holding the mold next to Erin Butler's picture.

Picture of Erin Butler with her bobbelhead.

Bobblehead Erin next to the photo she was based of off. The resemblance is stunning!

Culture is a big part of Click Rain. Not only do we provide bleeding-edge digital solutions but function as a strategic partner with our clients. The blessing we have is that our clients truly do treat us as an extension of their team. As a result the end products are collectively that much better.

"Just when you think this group can’t possibly get more creative or more fun than they already are, they go and bobble-head me!" said Erin Butler, revenue manager at Regency Hotel Management. "It’s impossible to not enjoy every moment of working with the Click Rain team. They bring this same creative approach to everything they do for us, and that really is priceless. My bobble-head agrees!"

Thus, someday you may have a bobblehead sitting on your desk alongside your digital strategy plan.