Is Your Web Content Dynamic?

Boost Website Engagement With Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is digital marketing content that changes based on data, user behavior, and preferences. This is typically seen in the format of text, image, or video.

Incorporating dynamic content into your website strategy can be an extremely valuable tactic when looking to improve a visitor’s overall experience on your site. Dynamic content delivers a personalized experience based on historical website interactions and other identified triggers. This generates a website experience with relevant content—leading to improved engagement rates on your site.

When crafting a strategy, specific criteria are taken into consideration to trigger what dynamic content a visitor is served while on-site. A few examples include:

  • Where an individual is located (geography)
  • What pages an individual previously viewed on your site
  • If an individual came to your site from paid media efforts (Facebook ad, Display ad, etc)
  • If an individual has previously completed a conversion on your site
    • For example: If a visitor has filled out your newsletter sign-up form, it's efficient to use that real estate to deliver a different message next time.

A Real-Life Example

When Click Rain crafted a dynamic content strategy for a travel & tourism partner, we saw amazing results once implemented on their site. Visitors who saw dynamic content stayed on site longer and viewed far more content than visitors who did not see dynamic content. This suggests that serving the right content for the right audience will lead to more engagement with your brand.

Finding a Dynamic Content Solution Best-Fit For Your Company

There are a number of third-party platforms that offer dynamic content. Unfortunately, it can be expensive and require a monthly or yearly subscription.

Because of this Click Rain saw an opportunity to better serve our clients by developing a custom dynamic content solution for our current Content Management System. This provides our clients with a direct integration to their site with no ongoing cost. The outcome? A more engaging website experience for all your visitors and customers. 

Interested in incorporating dynamic content into your marketing mix? Contact us today!