Braindrop: 3 Considerations for Times of Uncertainty

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    Hi everyone this is Chris with Click Rain with a different type of braindrop for you today. So at the moment everyone is thinking about the Coronavirus. It's affecting individuals, families, businesses, whole industries and with that in mind I'd like to share three considerations that marketers may be thinking about during times of uncertainty.

    The first point I want to make is investing in yourself. For a lot of businesses you may be seeing some budget uncertainty from marketing especially maybe getting budget cuts. When that happens you need to make sure that the budget you do have is being invested the most wisely. Some forms of advertising may not have the same return that you're used to. So outdoor and experiential marketing may give way to connected TV if people are going to be at home more often. One thing that I always recommend to marketers that want to do everything but can't do it, is invest in yourself.

    Invest in those platforms and channels that you own that are permanent. What do I mean by that? Your website, your email list, your content... those are your channels and no matter what happens with the Coronavirus the benefits you make now are going to help you out for years to come. If you are facing an uncertain budget, now may be the time to really double down on investing in yourself, your company and your channels.

    Second, I want to make sure you keep your customers updated. Right now everything is kind of weird and everyone is feeling it. With that in mind your customers are going to understand. They're gonna give you the benefit of the doubt but that benefit of the doubt goes a lot further if you're being upfront with them about what they should expect. If you're going to have weird business hours, closed some days, some services not being offered, make sure you put that out there. Put that on your website. Put that in your Google My Business page. Your customers are in the same boat as you are right now, they're going to understand but that understanding goes a lot further if you are upfront with them versus them seeing on your website that you're open, they drive to your front door and find a sign taped up saying "Sorry, we're closed." Keep your Google My Business updated. It's hard if you have lots of locations, use a plug-in, use a platform like Stratus. Make sure that you're providing the most honest answers to your customers but you owe it to them to be upfront about those changes.

    And finally,I'm just asking you to be real about your business. We're living in a weird time right now but it's disingenuous to pretend that we're not. The Coronavirus is going to have a profound effect on many, many businesses. It's important to talk about this, but it's also important to be empathetic, not make light of it. And it's so important that we just have that honest conversation with each other as we work through this weird moment in history together. So that's why I'm talking about this right now.

    This braindrop was supposed to be about featured snippets or Google tag manager or something else but that's not what I'm thinking about. That's not what you're thinking about and it would be dishonest to pretend otherwise. So instead of asking you to like and share this video I just am going to ask you to be patient, be kind, be empathetic. We're all living in the same weird time together and we're going to get through it together.

    It's gonna be okay but we can't do it without each other. With that, thank you.

    We'll see you next time.