Braindrop: Should Connected TV be part of your media mix?


    Should Connected TV or Over-the-Top television be a tactic in your media mix?

    When we typically think about digital video, we think about watching video on our Facebook newsfeed, on YouTube, or websites in the form of video pre-roll. The key difference is that CTV/OTT is served within environments that serve streaming television content. The fact that we can reach consumers in these types of environments gives connected TV a much more engaged and deliberate viewing behavior than traditional digital video or linear television.

    Think about the last time you sat on your couch and caught up on your favorite TV series on your smart TV. Or perhaps you have a specific network’s app on your phone, and you watch the latest episodes on your mobile device. Both of these are forms of CTV/OTT.

    Additionally, this tactic can reach consumers in a way traditional media cannot. Data drives the targeting, and it’s precise. Let’s say you have a direct mail campaign announcing the opening of a brand new ice cream shop in town. How cool would it be if you could take that same direct mail list, and serve a video to those same addresses, and then measure if those people actually came to your business? With CTV/OTT, you can.

    The potential scale here is also worth noting. While many forms of media account for impressions served to a single individual, this tactic is likely reaching more than one consumer. According to an IAB study, 93% of the time, people stream OTT videos on their CTV device with others in the room. That’s more eyeballs viewing your message.

    In all honesty, the CTV/OTT phenomenon is relatively new in comparison to its digital media predecessors. There is still more to learn as the landscape evolves. We know the benefits of this phenomenon, and we also know there can be challenges. This tactic is typically more expensive than other digital media and is also more successful with branding campaigns versus lead generation type initiatives. That said, we also know video consumption is on the rise and that brands are looking for more ways to connect with their customers.

    Let Click Rain help you decide if CTV/OTT is right for you. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to put our heads together.

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