Braindrop: Why Can't I Find My Site in Search?

Hey there! I'm Allie, a marketing engineer here at Click Rain. I'm here to talk to you about three reasons your site might not be showing up in organic search results.

Tip #1: Bots

First, let's talk about bots. Search engines use computer programs to find content all across the web. This information is gathered by these programs, or bots, and then organized into an index. Think of it like a giant card catalog at the library.

Why does this matter? If search engines can't find or understand your site, your site's not going to show up in search results. So, if your site isn't appearing organically, you need to make sure that these bots can find and understand it, a.k.a., crawl and index it. You can do this by using Google Webmaster Tools.

Tip #2: People

Second, let's talk about people. Imagine, you're a dog breeder and you want to generate some new business through organic search. Maybe you think you'd like to rank for the search term "puppy." Now, imagine you're just an average person, allergic to dogs, but you just happen to like puppy pictures. So you search "puppy" on Google. Same search, very different intent.

When identifying target keywords, it's really important to think about the person, not your business. Will ranking for the term "puppy" bring qualified potential customers to your site? Probably not. But what if we add a location modifier? Think "Sioux Falls puppies." That has some really good new customer potential and actual purchase intent. So don't forget to explore location modifiers when considering your search term.

Tip #3: Competition

Finally, let's talk about the competition. How saturated is the market for your search term? Let's say you're in the business of selling cheesecakes online. You're probably never going to rank for the search term "cheesecake." There's a lot of other websites out there with all kinds of content: eating it, decorating it, looking at it. And your site probably isn't as relevant or authoritative as those other sites. If your search term has a lot of competition, think about how you might rank for variations. Think: "buy cheesecake online," or "birthday cheesecake with custom name."

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Tune in next time for more marketing technology tips. Happy searching!