Braindrop: What Is MarTech?

Hi, I'm Kate Kotzea and I'm here to talk about marketing technology, or MarTech, and why it's important.

First, you might be asking what is MarTech? Well, it's when marketing and technology come together to help us automate processes, to help us aggregate data to look at the business, and to really start to understand that customer experience from the first touchpoint to the last.

We want to talk through four reasons why MarTech is important.

  1. The first, is that MarTech really puts a priority on systems integrations or MarTech stacks. What's a MarTech stack? It's when you can visually represent and categorize all of the different marketing technology platforms your company uses. You really start seeing where things are integrated and where there are holes.
  2. The second reason is that MarTech really looks at the whole customer journey. So from that first touchpoint to the last, how are customers experiencing your brand? By having integrated platforms, we're able to create smarter, and more strategic, and personalized campaigns. So it's that right message, at the right time. From strategic media placements and dynamic content to the sales process and marketing automation, we're able to unify that marketing message.
  3. The third reason is that marketing technology connects the dots between marketing and operations. Finally, those that are selling the business promises and those that are executing on the business promises are looking at the same data, the same business goals, and are really able to create more unified business decisions to help them reach those.
  4. The fourth reason is that MarTech lets you market smarter. By having all of these platforms integrated, we're able to see where we can automate processes to help streamline and create efficiencies. Since everything is integrated, we can adopt processes faster, adopt trends faster, and scale those marketing efforts to get to market faster. Ultimately, instead of aggregating all this data, we're able to spend time strategically looking at the data and making business decisions that can really impact the bottom line.

Thank you for watching today, and stay tuned for more marketing technology trends.