Braindrop: What Makes an Effective Video?

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    Are you wanting to include video in your marketing efforts? Here are three attributes of effective video to make yours outperform the rest!

    Video has become a standard part of the Marketing Technology arsenal.

    But what makes an effective video?

    There are numerous factors that make a successful video, but these three qualities shine through every one.

    Communication Style

    Video is an emotional medium. It hits you here before it hits you here.

    A video that makes viewers emotionally connect with a brand will be significantly more effective than a video that tries to connect to the intellect.

    Now this doesn’t mean that all your videos have to be tear-jerkers like P&G ads.

    No one knows what the words “Dilly dilly!” mean, but everyone knows what they represent - fun, happiness, and good times.

    Those are all desirable emotions wrapped up in this phrase that makes no sense intellectually but is one of the most well-known ad campaigns in recent years.

    So find some way to appeal to your audience’s emotions, and you’ll generate a significantly more effective video.

    Production Value

    This thing can take better video than most professional cameras of the last 20 years. And everyone has one.

    Because there is so much video to choose from, viewers have grown more sophisticated in their preferences and more selective with their time.

    Video itself is no longer rare and special - but because of that, video with high production value is even more rare and special.

    This is more than just a fancy camera. It includes good lighting, camera movements, sound design, and effective story telling.

    In other words, how much does your video look like a movie you'd see at the theater?

    According to an article by IdeaRocket, the quality of your video represents the quality of your brand and your products.

    Consequently, professional-looking video increases conversions and improves SEO, but also generates more customer satisfaction and trust in your brand.


    Effective video is platform-specific video.

    An ad for YouTube should look very different from an ad for Facebook or Instagram.

    Part of the cinematic experience is immersion, and customizing your video to each platform increases that sense of immersion.

    This can be as complex or as simple as you want. It could mean creating an interactive Instagram video that moves the story along as viewers swipe left.

    Or it could simply mean that making a tall video for Facebook instead of a wide video for YouTube.

    However you choose to create your video, make sure you take steps to customize your video for the platform you post it on.

    So that’s it! Those are three principles of effective video for you to implement.

    At Click Rain, our video experts integrate those principles and more into every video we produce. If you’d like us to help with your next video, give us a call!

    Thanks so much for watching, and we’ll see you next time.