Click Rain Bake-Off

We are strategists, developers, account managers, and bakers.

We threw you with the last one, didn’t we?

Click Rain embarked on a bake-off to celebrate the end of our office construction with only one rule: no mincemeat. Fair enough.

Actually there were several rules, per commissioner Bryan Burgers. The bake-off had random seeds and “no NCAA selection committee or pre-tournament play.”

After the bracket was created and the construction drills silenced, the 15 employees began the baking challenge.

Bryan’s Score Lab app developed to track tournaments was used to record each match-up.

Most match-ups were close, except for Kylie and James’, resulting in a 12-1 win for James’ pumpkin muffins. It probably didn’t help that Kylie was campaigning for her opponent so she wouldn’t have to bake (i.e., buy Queen City) again…

The loss of Tyler’s ice cream cinnamon rolls by one point to Dave’s zucchini chocolate cake was the most dramatic result, by far. After a day of shameless campaigning, which included a cardboard cutout of the former USD fullback, (which was defaced) to intimidate voters, Tyler lost by one point. We are still looking for the vandal.

The winning recipe, "Hummingbird Cake" was brought in by Julie Hoyer and can be found here.

Lesson? If you want to gain several pounds over the course of a month, host a company bake-off.

Over the course of a month, Click Rain employees enjoyed:

8 cakes
7 varieties of bars
2 pies
29 total treats

Stay tuned for the Click Rain Bake-Off All-Stars Edition, Baking With the Stars, and What Not to Bake. 

Watch the video to see the final tense moments of the Bake-Off, filmed by Paul on Google Glass.