Click Rain Culture Series: Part Three, Work

To close out our series, let’s talk about work. Work is a big part of our daily lives. We spend more time at work than anywhere else most days. And being successful in your work brings a unique fulfillment. So, we work hard at fostering that! Here’s how:

  • We provide a robust and well-thought-out onboarding plan to help employees acclimate to who we are and why the work they do matters.
  • We require quarterly goal-setting through what we call Quarterly Growth Plans (QGPs). These center around creating measurable and attainable goals to help employees progress in their careers and lives in general.
  • We provide clear growth tracks for employees.
  • We provide ongoing training and education and are always looking for creative avenues to help employees meet their goals and continue to grow in their fields of expertise.
  • We also allow employees to share in the profits of the organization. We are passionate about giving back to nonprofits and our community. Each year Click Rain sets aside 1% of its overall revenue for charitable giving. At the end of the year, we split it up amongst employees and allow them to give it to the nonprofit of their choice. This has been a great source of celebration amongst our team as we’ve watched employees pool their money together and make exceptional impacts on our community!

It’s our responsibility as an employer to provide open lines of communication, resources, and a caring attitude toward every person we employ. Does this all sounds too good to be true? Maybe. We have bad days. But when I look at what we are offering to enhance the lives of our employees, it makes me proud to be a part of this great place.


Here's what employees are saying:

The Quarterly Growth Plan process is one of the things that really makes Click Rain unique. Nowhere else that I have worked has there been such a direct interest in my growth - not just toward the company’s interests, but my own as well.

I especially appreciate the collaborative nature of the QGP process. Instead of being told what the company wants, I get to discuss my personal goals and how they align with the direction of the company, get feedback and work toward those items with the full support of the whole team.
—Melissa Prostrollo

What I love about Click Rain is that we pride ourselves on being a people-first digital agency. We genuinely care about our clients and the partnership work that we do for our client's businesses. And it doesn't stop there–we give back to the community and take an active role in helping those who need it most.

What holds significant meaning to me is our Click Rain Cares fund. Every year, each employee gets to donate to a non-profit of their choosing. Working for a company that believes in putting people first, both inside and outside office, is very special.
—Jordan Aware

Also, we’ve won some awards for our workplace culture, which is humbling.

Thank you for following along with our three-part culture series as we celebrate Click Rain’s tenth year. We hope this peek inside our company gives you some ideas for you own or makes you curious to visit or even join our team.