Eric Ellefson Joins the Team

Click Rain is excited/proud/relieved/honored/scared to welcome Eric Ellefson to the team as Director of Digitial Development. Eric (or, EE, as he is know to many) has spent the last several years in the agency world managing web projects and we're pleased to have someone of his caliber joining the crew. He's also an active member of the South Dakota Air Guard and proudly serves when called. We got our Katie Couric on and grilled him with the rapid-fire questions below so that you, the reader, can get to know his softer side.

Pets: Dogs dude! Not a fan of cats at all. I spend my falls in the fields of SD hunting pheasants and any good hunter has a great companion. I like most dogs, but my latest sidekick is Murphy a 1 1/2 yr. old German Shorthair Pointer (GSP).

Hobbies: Anything outdoors! With each season, my hobbies change from hunting in the fall, camping and golf in the summer and hibernation in the winter - I hate winter.
Most Famous Person You've Met: In 2003, while serving in Qatar for Operation Iraqi Freedom I was able to meet President Bush and Gen. Tommy Franks, the CENTAF commander.

Favorite Website: I surf the net about as fast as I surf the channels on my television, but when I land for an extended time, it is usually reading the latest insights on

Contra or Double Dragon: Neither. Mrs. Pac Man is the top game of all time for me. If you want to get rid of me for an hour, just give me a handful of quarters and sit me down at the table...has to be the sit down table.

On The Weekend: I hate to sit still, so on the weekends you will find me rising early to take on my latest project during the day and chill'n with friends and family around a BBQ and fire pit at night.

Favorite Soda with the Word "Dew" in It: Diet Mountain Dew