Get to Know Us: Sarah Werner

Sarah Werner

In an effort to provide our clients with the best resources possible, we are proud and excited to announce the hire of our content strategist, Sarah Werner. Sarah will be responsible for a multitude of tasks surrounding the goal of keeping our clients’ online content  fresh, grammatically error-free, beautifully structured, and optimized for search.

Sarah is originally from Cleveland, OH, and attended Valparaiso University in Indiana. With a double major in English and humanities, and minors in creative writing and gender studies, Sarah moved to Chicago, where she worked for a software company. Sarah later followed her husband to his hometown here in Sioux Falls. After working as a marketing specialist downtown for four years, Sarah has returned to her love for writing and editing with us at Click Rain.

Chelsey: Let’s start with the easy stuff… favorite food?
Sarah: I’m kind of a food snob. I love to try to recreate good things I eat at other places. But I would have to say hot wings and BBQ ribs make the top of my list.

Chelsey: Any odd habits?
Sarah: I’m superstitious.

Chelsey: Here at Click Rain we go through roughly 200 cans of Diet Dew every month. Will we need to increase our order?
Sarah: Not yet. But I’m sure I’ll learn to like it!

Chelsey: Mac or PC?
Sarah: Asus.

Chelsey: Favorite movie?
Sarah: American Beauty.

Chelsey: Random talents or hobbies?
Sarah: I have written a few novels, none of which are published, but I really enjoy writing them. They would be along the lines of a bizarre pulp historical/horror genre. I also knit and volunteer at the animal shelter.

Chelsey: Why Click Rain?
Sarah: I found the position on Twitter…


Chelsey: *This is how 1/3 of Click Rain employees found their positions. Think we are a cool crew? Watch our Twitter for any new career opportunities. @clickrain

Chelsey: Proceed. Why Click Rain?
Sarah: I am super excited to make my passion of writing part of my job—I can’t wait to use my writing in practical ways that will benefit our clients. I also knew the culture here was awesome and admired a lot of the staff.

Chelsey: First impression?
Sarah: This is an intense, hard-working crew! Everyone just has a ton of energy… I love it!