Google Glass, Here We Come

When I woke up this morning and saw the Tweet from @projectglass, it was like Christmas in March.  

@paultenhaken You’re invited to join our #glassexplorers program. Woohoo! Make sure to follow us - we’ll DM in the coming weeks.

— Project Glass (@projectglass) March 29, 2013

Apparently, I've been selected to participate in the Google Glass Explorer program - which may not sound like much, but to nerds like me, it's the holy grail of technology. I have the Pebble watch, Nike FuelBand, Fitbit tracker, Jawbone UP, and pretty much every piece of wearable tech that has been introduced in the last few years.  However, Glass is on a whole new plane.

In February, Google launched a competition asking people to say what they would do with Glass by using the hashtag #ifihadglass on Google+ and Twitter. If Google liked what they saw, you were invited to be a beta-user. I am looking forward to posting more about Glass as it comes my way but for now, watch the video below and get ready for what the future of wearable tech holds in store. I think the future looks pretty awesome.