Google+ = Google Contacts

Have you joined the Google+ bandwagon yet? Perhaps you are just one of the many that have created an account, but have done absolutely nothing with it. Well, Google now is letting your Google+ loving friends update your profile for you. Sort of. 

I have believed since Google first introduced G+ that its purpose was not about being another social media platform, but rather a way to help with Google’s ultimate goal of indexing the world. 

The more data they have, the better they can connect data across the internet. If you can see an email address, a name, and a phone number all together in one place, you should be able to connect other sites' information even if they only have an email address on a different site. Better connections mean better personalized search results. 

Of course, all of this is meaningless if Google can’t access the sites that contain all of this information. Facebook and Twitter have continued to put up roadblocks for Google to access their data, and, since Google+ users aren't filling out their profiles normally, Google is now trying some new tactics.

First, they are now telling you how much of your profile you have left to fill out. Google has gone the LinkedIn route, providing a percentage of total profile finished. But there is a flaw in this method: the user must be actively using Google+ to see this little message.   

85% Complete

So how best can Google get a profile filled out when the person doesn’t even use Google+? The answer: get the person’s friends to do it for them.

That’s right: anyone can now update any profile. This doesn’t mean that just anyone can physically see the information though.  The information is private to the individual posting the information. So in a sense, Google+ has the potential to become a big digital Rolodex™.

You can add basically any type of information you want to add: phone numbers, email addresses, photographs, instant messaging handles, notes, and even your own custom fields.

Add your own private contact details about Paul

This almost means there is no need to have separate contact software on your phone or desktop computer. In a sense, Google+ is inching more and more toward a contact management solution. The only thing holding it back is the fact that they don't allow a person to add an account for someone else. But could that be far behind?

No matter what the official reason for this new feature in Google+ might be, Google can now use G+ lovers to gain the information of those who aren’t all that excited about G+ and a new social platform. This is just one more step toward Google being able to more easily connect all the information in the world and bring it down to a more personal level when you perform a search.