Introducing: Dawn Dittman

Click Rain Welcomes UX Content Strategist

Fast Facts

During a Florida vacation, Dawn and her daughter were visited by a manatee in the ocean. (How's that for face-to-face interaction?)

She's passionate about helping young girls become more comfortable and confident with technology and STEM fields.

Thanks to the game-winning shot by Christian Laettner, she's a diehard Duke basketball fan.

Technology gets a bad rap for taking the face-to-face out of daily interactions. But if you ask Dawn Dittman, combining technology with personal attention can enhance those interactions. She’s made her way through the marketing field by blending her love for technology with a passion for helping people.

Last week, she made her way to Click Rain, where she’ll be doing just that as our newest UX content strategist.

“I love technology, but I’m also a people person,” Dawn says. “I see tech as a way to make others’ lives better.”

A former professor, coach, and project manager, she’s familiar with leadership roles and how they can educate and strengthen others. In her new role, she’ll do that by helping clients structure content to successfully manage and deliver on business goals, both now and into the future.

"With a background in marketing, technology, and teaching, Dawn is the perfect fit for Click Rain,” says Chris Prendergast, partner and chief strategy officer. “Her experience aligns perfectly with the UX content strategist role—helping develop website strategies and UX solutions for our client partners—and we’re excited for what she brings to the team.”

Dawn is excited to be part of the team and learn new things. We’re looking forward to what we’ll learn from her, too.

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