Mad Gratz

We like to keep our brains well-fed here at Click Rain, and we're not just talking about the vast (and potentially hazardous) quantities of caffeine we consume each day.

We're talking about all of the LEARNING that goes on within our perpetually shifting walls! In addition to continuous research into the latest tech trends and improvement of our processes, we also like to stay on top of our Google Analytics and AdWords certifications.

VP of Operations Eric Ellefson achieved his Google AdWords Advanced certification in Search, noting:

"Creating websites is cool, but knowing how to drive traffic to those sites is awesome. Google AdWords certification is the benchmark for those who understand that, and I'm stoked that so many Click Rain team members have this qualification under their belts."

Tyler Evans, an Account Manager who also earned his AdWords certification, agreed:

"Becoming AdWords Certified was very important to me because the more knowledge that I possess, the better decisions I can make, and the better service I can provide our clients at Click Rain.  It was a bit challenging, but well worth it!"

You can see how happy Tyler is about his achievement in the picture above. Just look at that grin.

In a similar vein, both Content Strategist Sarah Werner and Web Developer Brady Fopma became Google Analytics certified.

"I love the culture of learning here at Click Rain," Sarah remarked. "Seriously, sometimes I feel like I'm back in college. But from the creative side of things, nothing produces quite as well as a brain that's constantly challenged, and nothing is sharp as a mind that's continually encouraged to grow and flourish. What's good for us is great for our clients."

Please join us in popping open a few dozen cans of Diet Dew and congratulating these four Click Rainers on their fine achievement.