Mark Henderson: Design King

Graphic design is typically a non-contact sport.

But last night, four designers faced a to-the-death (or just single elimination) battle for local Photoshop glory.

Click Rain’s own Mark “Hendo” Henderson, Director of Creative Services, competed in the Cropped DSGNX challenge at Icon Lounge. 

Several Click Rainers showed up to support Hendo, with partner Eric Ellefson noting, “He has to win or he’s fired.” That’s love, y’all.

Given four very unrelated stock images, a font and a theme, contestants were allotted a half-hour to complete their design.

After a slow start in the preliminary round, Hendo took his four images (sardines, umbrella, RV, and a bowl of cereal with blueberries) and created a design with seriously sage advice: “Sushi Breakfast: Road Trip Mistake.”

The championship round tasked Hendo with designing a South Dakota tourism poster for the year 2063. Going with the Sturgis theme, his poster was designed to attract dog lovers, gear heads and lemonade aficionados alike.

Who doesn’t love their dog? Apparently, no one because he won the challenge!

After his arm was thrust into the air as the design victor, Hendo took his head in his hands Miss America style, and remarked, "I deserve this."  We think so, too.

Hendo walked away with a $70 prize and gets to keep his job. Win.