Mobile Email Opens Have Reached Over 50%

The days have come and gone for mobile email opens to surpass desktop and webmail opens. Litmus released a review for mobile opens back in December, which showed mobile increasing from 48% to 51% of market share.

For whatever reason, crossing the 50% mark seems to make things official in the minds of many. However, mobile presence has long been an important consideration.

Mobile in the Past

Although most brands ignored it, the moment mobile started to account for 10% of site traffic or email opens, it should have been a red flag that a solution was needed.

If you think about it, would you want to automatically turn away one out of every 10 customers? 

I would certainly hope not.

And now mobile claims 51% of email opens.

Mobile in the Present

This means if you do not have a mobile email presence, one out of every two email opens will be a waste.

Additionally, if your website is not designed for mobile, you are turning away your mobile customers yet again. 

This not only harms potential revenue and leads, but may also make customers less likely to open future communication from you based on past experience.

To be fully ready for mobile, you need a mobile-friendly email design that directs users to a mobile-friendly website. 

Mobile view of Click Rain's site

It may take some work and money to redesign for mobile, but the longer you wait, the more mobile leads and revenue you will lose.

So what will it take for your email and website to be ready for mobile?