Mobile First Responsive Web Design

The term “mobile” encompasses a lot; mobile marketing, mobile apps, mobile websites, and it often comes up in discussion with our clients. This certainly isn’t our first post about it and definitely won’t be our last.  For the sake of this post however, let’s just focus on the mobile web.

Those last two words, “mobile” and “web”, used in conjunction, will actually be outdated soon. We’re quickly approaching a day when “mobile” will be synonymous with “web”. Faster connection speeds, incredibly sophisticated Android and iOS devices, as well as advanced mobile web browsers are allowing us to access the web like never before—from nearly anywhere. In fact, some estimates predict web traffic from mobile devices will exceed that of desktop PCs by 2014.

Click Rain has always worked to stay ahead of this growing trend, but we’ve recently made it official by fully shifting to a "mobile first" responsive web design workflow. This simply means that website discussions with Click Rain will revolve around mobile, allowing us to narrow our focus and carefully align user goals with content, functionality, and business needs. Once a solid mobile strategy is in place, we can use responsive design tactics to scale up our approach for other device-specific environments like the iPad or a desktop PC. This forward-thinking approach to web design and development ensures our clients' web presence is cohesive across all fronts and poised for nearly all future growth.

So if you’re thinking of reaching out to Click Rain for your next website, and we hope you do, don’t be surprised if we turn the tables and ask you about your mobile presence, first.