More Facebook Changes…Again. Newsfeed Gets a Complete Overhaul.

As we all know, Facebook changes more often than South Dakota weather. Sure to bring excitement to many and another round of "can't they just keep it the same??" to others, Facebook today announced and previewed changes coming to its most important piece of real estate: the News Feed.

Several media outlets and personalities covered the event. Danny Sullivan was one of the first to give us a photographic peek during the live announcement:

The new Facebook news feed look rolling out today…

— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) March 7, 2013

Updated Design and Functionality

The updated newsfeed features a new and streamlined left navigation and cleans up several elements of the increasingly-cluttered landscape, putting much more emphasis on visual aspects such as photo and video. You'll now be able to sort your feeds much more thematically (photos, videos, news, music, games, groups, and others) as well.

We're excited about the new design being responsive and giving users a consistent experience across each device they're using.

What's The Big Deal for Marketers and Consumers?

The ultimate question for marketers is, of course, what is going to be changing with how ads are now displayed within the platform? Likely the 20% text rule was used as preparation to be certain that these beautiful new views stay exactly that.

As well, for the consumer, how will ads be intruding into this beautifully compelling space? We'll be exploring our role of finding ways to let businesses connect with fans and potential customers without destroying the beauty and simplicity of the new design.

Get In Early

If you're anxious to get the change before everyone else, head to the Facebook News Feed about page, scroll down to the bottom, and get on the waiting list.