Our Office: Carissa Schoffelman

Carissa Schoffelman was Click Rain's third employee and the first woman to work in the office. She may have had hot pink highlights, but she also brought some finesse to the office. She sat down to tell us about her hobbies, her family, and her famous scones.


    I was the first women in the office at Click Rain.
    It was interesting.
    James made random noises.

    [random noise]

    And then that was it. No explanation. And at first that really freaked me out. And then I learned that's just how James is.

    I feel like I was able to bring a little finesse into the office. They don't talk like girls talk.

    Paul maybe wouldn't have hired me if he had just seen my picture. Really large hot pink streaks.

    Paul was like, "You have pink hair!"

    I was cool.

    My job used to be jack of all trades. Now my job is accounting and books and all the HR and employee relations items which I love! It's my favorite part of my job.

    Good morning, Click Rain. This is Carissa. I've answered my church phone that way. And one time I answered the Click Rain phone under my church name. And then I was mortified.

    When I would first bring scones to the office, it was like a feeding frenzy. They would just be gone. Like that! It's a secret family recipe. White chocolate chip raspberry. That's all I can say.

    Having Tim start at Click Rain was kind of scary because he has this really large laugh and I wasn't sure what would happen when he let it out.

    I like having him here. We carpool! Sometimes. It's kind of fun.

    Being a mom is the most awesome thing I've ever done. It's fun to see a little bit of yourself in your kids. It's also scary, but I love it.

    We have one pug. I do love pugs. I love smushed faces. I am an alto. I can sing low like Cher. Just occasionally.

    The faith aspect of Click Rain is very important to me because faith is important to me. The principals found in that faith guide our organization and that is the one thing that has made me love Click Rain over and over and
    over and over again.