Our Office: Dave Ver Meer

Dave Ver Meer, a senior web designer, reveals what it's like being a silent assassin—and why we call him that. Plus, he shares a few other things he couldn't keep silent about any longer.

  • Transcript

    I'm Dave Ver Meer. I'm a Senior Web Designer here at Click Rain. That means I design everything from websites to apps to emails and everything in between. I am not related to the famous Ver Meer. As a designer, it is my responsibility to make sure that the look and feel matches with the audience, and that I'm planning the layout in such a way that it's both intuitive and functional. I'm the new famous Ver Meer.

    I am one of two silent assassins. The only requirements are that you are silent and that you're really good at what you do. So everyone here is really good at what they do but you won't hear us coming.

    I love to collect information both at work and at home. Growing up I had all sorts of collections. I had a pop bottle collection,  baseball card collection, rock collection, bug collection. Yes, you have to creep up on them.

    Growing up I always liked to draw. I always liked making things, and I was always really interested in technology too, and I really didn't understand or it really didn't click that I could do both of them, have the best of both worlds until I did a computer graphics course in high school. I would have to say my jack-of-all-trade versatile font is Proxima Nova Sans. It's just a good all purpose font. Any designers pet peeve, print or web, it doesn't matter. Papyrus is just gross.

    Our Christmas tradition was making homemade ice cream with the old motorized turner that you would have to put ice in on the sides and keep packing ice in. So we would do that every Christmas, and I always really enjoyed having ice cream from that.

    I love all the personalities, and I love the faith-based atmosphere and I know we talk about that a lot but I love that it's woven through everything. I love working with my wife. We've worked together for quite a few years. We actually met at work. It was at my first job. It was about three weeks after she started that I asked her out, which in hindsight was pretty fast, but I knew she was special so there's no point in waiting. I love being able to carpool with her and work with her every day. She's my best friend.

    I refuse to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. It's just wrong.

    Do you have a favorite Christmas carol? Silent Night. Appropriate for the silent assassin. Yes.