Our Office: Jenna Jares

Meet marketing engineer Jenna Jares, and learn about her love for Kombucha, yoga, and her two dogs.


    I'm Jenna Jares. I'm a marketing engineer here at Click Rain.

    People get the last name wrong a lot. Jars. Juarez.

    Day to day, we help craft the strategies for our clients. So if it's a specific initiative, such as local SEO, CRO, paid search, whatever it may be.

    I found yoga about two years ago. After about a year, I just wanted to learn more about yoga. And in the end, I decided to be a teacher and have been teaching at a studio here in Sioux Falls and love it.

    A part of our teacher training is learning how to cue in Sanskrit. So, if you're doing a Sun Salutation, it would be: Urdhva Hastasana exhale forward full Uttanasana Arda Uttanasana plant your hands chaturanga dandasana urdhva-mukha-shvanasana. So that's basically a Sun Salutation if you've ever been to a yoga class.

    I think it was bring your dog to work day or something. So, the Humane Society brings in this older, adorable black lab. I was like, oh gosh, I gotta get this guy. Right there on the spot, I decided I was going to adopt him, and then I had a dog.

    Fred is a big brother. So, Fay and Fred. Fred does not like to share my attention, but he secretly loves her.

    When I do something, I go big—not like a small garden. It took up a good portion of my yard—banana peppers, habaneros, jalapenos, bell peppers, beets, carrots, green beans. All of that. It was fun to see everything grow and then be able to share it with family and friends, too.

    Last Christmas, we did the first annual Kringle Awards and I won the Silent Assassin Award. I think it means you get your work done and you do it under the radar. Come to work, get stuff done, drink some Kombucha, and call it a day.

    People-first agency, I think of that as when you take care of yourself physically, mentally then you're going to show up to work in a better mood. And that's going to help your relationships with your co-workers and your clients and ultimately help you produce the best work for our clients. And that's really what we want to do.

    I feel really special. I mean, not everyone gets an award. I have to keep up my street cred, I guess. I don't know.