Our Office: Kaitlyn Martinez

Meet Kaitlyn—a code wizard who constantly operates at maximum efficiency.


    I feel like I can't tell you how I am efficient because it's gonna give away my secrets of being efficient. I'm Kaitlyn Martinez and I'm an interactive developer. It means I take the picture that essentially the clients give of what the site's gonna look like and I actually like build it to make like buttons work and make navigation have dropdowns and I make all that happen.

    Brady Fopma is my manager. He's really great, he has a lot of sarcasm. He has a lot of jokes. He makes sure I'm doing everything super well. I have a list of Brady things, like I actually have a list of things that Brady's gonna ask me when I'm done with a site and I already did them. So I'm like ha, that's right.

    We met in high school which is funny because I grew up in a town of 800 people. He didn't like me when he first met me and we had a fundraiser and we were washing cars but like a week before I had overextended my shoulder and so I couldn't like help wash vehicles but he saw that as me being extremely lazy. We now know that's not true, I'm not lazy at all, but he like did not like me for probably a month and a half and then he like realized like, oh she's not that lazy and then he liked me.

    I do like to do things with my hands, like I build things on the web that you can't touch but then like I can build my basement. I helped with the structure I did all the electrical, I helped with the drywall and I did all the mudding, taping that was a lot of fun. It wasn't, it wasn't any fun. It's just like fun to do things with your hands.

    I love traveling, it's my favorite topic to talk about. If anyone's going anywhere I need to know about it and I need to talk to you about what you're gonna do there. So I've been to Greece, Italy Austria, Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Iceland Nicaragua, Mexico, Egypt, and China. I really want to go to New Zealand eventually. There's just so many countries to visit, like how do you choose?

    Working at a people first digital agency to me means that if I have anything come up I can easily just go and do it. I can work from home if something's happening that day that I need to be there. I can have my life outside of work and it doesn't have to like clash. I don't have to do 8:00 to 5:00 every day, I can have life outside as well.