Our Office: Lynae Schmidt

Meet Lynae Schmidt, Administrative Specialist, and learn about her passion for helping others, her love for PBR (Professional Bull Riders) events, and what it means to work at a people-first digital agency.


    I'm Lynae Schmidt and, I'm an Administrative Specialist here at Click Rain.

    I wear a lot of hats. So I am Click Rain's office manager, I'm in charge of all of our bookkeeping here, billing. And I also report to our VP of Administration. So I do a lot of HR items like on-boarding, benefits administration, all the things

    There are two keys to keeping this office running smoothly—Coffee and La Croix. Never run out of them.

    I've always been super passionate about music, and I love to sing. I'm on my church's worship team, and I just love to help behind the scenes of events.

    I've helped primarily with LifeFlight, but I've also done City Fest, Joyful Noise, Together, The Send. It's fascinating to me.

    Probably the craziest thing I've seen is I had one tour manager requested to get a staple removed. What do you call the staples that are physically in your body?

    They needed someone to get a staple remover kit so that they could remove the staples from someone's head.

    They didn't have time like go to a doctor so they just wanted someone to bring them the kit so that they could remove the staples themselves.

    I guess I'm like the first line of defense when it comes to the phones.

    Good morning Click Rain, this is Lynae.

    It was my first couple weeks here at Click Rain. Someone called in for Chris. And I said, "Can I tell them who's calling?" And they're like, "Yeah it's his parole officer."

    I was like, "There's this lady on the phone and she's saying she's your parole officer. And he's like, "It's just Ann."

    I'm on the Atmosphere team. Last year we did our first annual Click Rain Scavenger Hunt.

    There was a lot of planning that went into that—six different teams, three different routes, and I literally had to like map them out to make sure that they were fair.

    It was so much fun. So much fun. We have a lot to live up to next year.

    Through Click Rain last year, I was able to go on a mission trip to Jamaica. I went with Tim and Hendo, two other Click Rainers, and it was an awesome experience.

    It definitely gave me a new perspective. It was good to just to be out of the office for a week and just be in a different context and get to see your co-workers in a different light, too. I have fond memories of that.

    When PBR came to town for the first time, there was so much hype around it. And I got to meet one of the bull riders. And it's just the most intense eight seconds ever.

    It's not a rodeo.It's bull riding. There is a difference.

    I think working at a people-first company means that if we make sure that people have balance in their lives, if we're encouraging and empowering them to grow not only professionally but also emotionally, spiritually, physically, we're going to be better able to serve our clients and the community