Our Office: Mark Henderson

Mark Henderson, known as "Hendo", has been working at Click Rain since 2009. He sat down to tell us about his work, how he almost became a dentist, and which superheroes he most identifies with. 


    My name is Mark Henderson, director of creative services.

    [Evil Laugh]

    People call me Hendo.

    I was the second Mark to get hired at Click Rain and so by day two, you know, when we were sitting in the office and it was just three of us and Paul would say, “Hey Mark” and we’d both turn around, we knew pretty quickly that that wasn’t going to work.

    My kids call me Dad, however, my middle daughter calls me Rick. I don’t know why.

    I am sometimes referred to as Captain America. When I’m seen on the streets, in a dark alley, people will point and say, “I’m pretty sure that’s Captain America.”

    However, I am more closely associated with Iron Man. Do you know why?

    The cops were only called once but I learned pretty quickly that you have to wear undergarments.

    Kristina: You wear a lot of vests. Can you explain the vests to us?

    Hendo: Kristina, I don’t know if I can fully explain the vests strategy because it’s a guy thing. I don’t know. It’s like an outdoor guy thing.

    Okay, here’s the real reason. Sometimes, you’re running late in the morning, and you don’t have time to iron the whole shirt. You just have time to iron the sleeves and maybe the collar.

    And I was like, do I want to go into design or do I want to be a dentist? I really thought about being a dentist.

    I had no idea what I wanted to do. And my wife, she literally picked out my major for me.


    Clients are like horses, they can sense your fear.

    A, I don’t want to give away my secrets, but B, it’s just…

    Excuse me. I need to hydrate.

    It’s really good. Like, it sounds like it would be gross, but it’s actually really good. In fact, I’m going to take another drink.