Our Office: Paige Ratzloff

Meet Paige Ratzloff–lead account executive, fashionista, daughter of Jan, and mom of two.


    My name is Paige Ratzloff and I'm an account executive.

    Everyday is very different and that's what I love about my job. I'm kind of that middle person between the clients and then the internal Click Rain team just to ensure that all of the clients goals are being met. If we're working on a project that the project budget is being met and timelines are running on schedule. Just ensuring that everything is running smoothly and everyone's happy.

    When I'm stressed, when I'm sad, when I'm bored I shop. I just love clothes. I love styling. I love accessories. So it's just something that is kind of a creative outlet for me and something I like to have fun with.

    I love my purses. I would say my purses are my favorite accessory and my hate. I love my hats. My hat collection is just growing so much. They're kind of taking over my closet. They're just so perfect–you can just–don't have to worry about your hair, just throw on a hat and it just makes the whole outfit.

    I started as a part-time office manager. I just wanted to get into the marketing industry and I didn't have marketing experience. My background was in human resources, so I just took a lead of faith and quit my full-time position in HR and started as a part-time office manager. And after about six months and a little bit of training, I got promoted to the account team and then just have been there ever since.

    Jan is just Paige's mom. No–oh, Paige, I saw your mom, it's just Paige's mom. She's my best friend. I talk to her every day, we just share everything and she's like my sister, my best friend. I've always looked up to her in my career. She's just such a strong career woman and she's always just instilled in my to take chances, you know, be confident in your decisions and just be brave. I owe everything to my mom. She's awesome, my mom is the best. She deserves a cameo in here.

    Looking back, I've had some of the same clients for the entire time I've been at Click Rain and I consider a lot of them friends now. You know, I've got to know their family and more on a personal level, so I just think the relationships that I've built with them over the years is my proudest accomplishment.

    My daughter Draper just completely changed my life. I always wanted a daughter probably because my mom and I are so close. So when I found out I was have a daughter it was one of the best days of my life. And then having her has just been a job. She is my best friend already. We hand out in my closet. We play dress up. She's just the best. Growing up and just seeing her evolve into you know having the little personality is just so fun.

    I love to travel. I went to school in Arizona so now I have friends all over the country so it gives me an excuse to travel throughout the year just to visit them. Travel just teaches you things that nothing else will so I love vacations.

    When I think about people first, I just think about how Click Rain has put me and my needs. Not only as an account executive but as a mother and as a daughter and a wife and a friend–they always put me first whether that be summer hours so on Fridays I can take Draper to the pool or the zoo. Having that extra couple hours with her during the summer has been so great. Or when she's sick I can go be with her and work remote. Not all employers put their employees and their families first like that. And no only do they put their employees first, but also their clients. Whether we volunteer or donate, it's the people that we focus on first and foremost. So that's what people first means.