Our Office: Paul Lexen

Meet Paul Lexen, software development manager, and learn about Wisconsin's biggest export, his idyllic childhood, and how his team stole the show in the Click Rain Amazing Race.

  • Transcript

    I'm looking at you.

    I'm Paul Lexen. I'm a software development manager at Click Rain. I work with the development team to make marketing technology products for our customers.

    I don't even know how to answer that question. No, they're not models. They're beautiful children.

    My favorite thing about programming. I really enjoy just working through problems.

    Paul's advice for wrestlers. Well, if you want to cut weight, don't eat cheese. That's dumb.

    The Amazing Race was awesome. That was my favorite time with Click Rain. Eric was driving around like it was Grand Theft Auto. He was cutting through parking lots. Just super intense with every single activity.

    That was really fun. I like that intensity of just going for something. Oh yeah, we were winners. We won. Big time.

    I think we were the green team. I don't think we had a team name. The winning team. That was our name.

    I grew up in a small town Cumberland, Wisconsin. I lived the dream. I had a lake that was just across the street in my neighbor's backyard. It was beautiful and awesome. I wouldn't trade that experience of growing up in Wisconsin for anything.

    What does Wisconsin export? Muskrat pelt. The obvious answer is cheese. Muskrat pelts.

    Should I explain Lasertown? Click Rain is divided into separate sections, each of which is it's own little neighborhood. Lasertown, Blue Thunder, and then there's Napa Valley where I currently am. Whenever I walk back from Napa Valley to Lasertown, my old neighborhood everyone stands up, someone yells "Paul Lexen everybody!" and they all applaud. I have no idea why they do that.

    Working at a people-first company means, that when you're around technology all the time and so much tech and so much opportunity at your fingertips it's really easy to lose sight of what matters most.

    And really what matters most is our people. That's what Click Rain hasn't lost sight of. That's really important to me.

    No, they never clap for anybody else. Just me.