Our Office: Serge Sushchik

Meet Serge Sushchik and learn about his love for Kansas City barbecue, smoking meats, and his Ukranian background.


    My name is Serge Sushchik. I'm a product manager at Click Rain.

    I usually say my name is Serge like a surge protector. That usually gets a sympathy laugh, but my real name is actually Sergey or in Ukrainian, Sergey.

    I was born in Ukraine. I was a naturalized citizen. I did the whole oath and all that stuff. It probably was one of the proudest days of my life actually.

    My family is really musical. So my dad, even back in Ukraine, was a choir director at our church. I play guitar. I play bass, piano a little bit. I love the harmonica, actually. That's a fun fact.

    I love barbecue. I love to smoke meats. I love smoking meats. Smoking meat. I've had some good stuff at some Kansas City barbecue places. My favorite restaurant down there is Q39 BBQ, which is unbelievable. The brisket haunts my dreams, literally.

    It depends on what I'm smoking. So if I do a pulled pork sandwich thing, I'll actually do it overnight. Overnight I'll monitor it. I've got some cool tools for that, too.

    And then in the morning around lunchtime, it's ready to go and people love it People love smokers. I like to smell the smoke just permeate me, you know. It's so good.

    I speak three languages. So I speak Russian, Ukrainian - they are different languages. Fun fact number 87. And then I speak English, obviously. You know I try to speak English sometimes good, sometimes not good.

    So yes, fun fact number 17: I also translate. So I translate one of the preacher's preaching. I'll translate from Ukrainian to English.

    I literally built a church. I didn't build it, but I helped build it, you know. We bought land, and we decided to build a church basically by ourselves. So we had a lot of contractors in our congregation that would help out. Today I'm doing drywall. Tomorrow I'm doing something else. So that was really fun. It took us almost three years.

    I'm married to my beautiful wife. Her name is Vicky, and we have a beautiful son, Ben. He is also very musically talented. So he plays the drums. He's been a drummer since he was two-years-old.

    Yes, fun fact number 328: Vicky and I were born in the same city in the same hospital in Ukraine but did not know each other until we met in Seattle, Washington.

    I think the company that puts the people, literally puts them first, and works towards making life for the employees great, it's a great thing to call yourself that and actually live up to that. I think Click Rain does that great.