Our Office: Tim Schoffelman

Meet Tim Schoffelman, Director of Operations, and learn about what it's like working with his wife, his obsession with GIFs, and why he loves working at a people-first company.

  • Transcript

    Tim Schoffelman. Timothy J. Schoffelman in case you wanted to know the full name. I'm the Director of Production and I've been here for 3.5 years.

    I try to look for ways to make the company more efficient but also helping us become a smarter company. I think that's something that's always been a part of Click Rain's culture and it's been fun to be a part of that now.

    Nick Offerman owns his woodworking shop and then I connected with him, well not with him. It's not like I know him or anything. But I started following him on social media and then I had kind of been doing woodworking already by that time. It was easy to compare the two. I just about shaved for today and left the mustache.

    It's been fun to work with Carissa. I think the most interesting thing has been that we are in separate departments but often collaborate. And I knew my wife was smart, but I don't think I realized how smart she was.

    For years, and years, and years, I've annoyed many, many colleagues. I've had many things thrown at me to say, "Stop Drumming." When I'm concentrating really, really hard, I usually have headphones on, a really good song, and then I'm desk drumming. If you're just looking at me and observing, you're probably like,"What in the world is he doing," but yes, I'm actually trying to think through a problem. It's really weird, but it works.

    Carissa and I have been married for sixteen years. We have three boys: 10, 6 and a year-and-a-half. They're in full attack mode. We're involved in Hapkido and Judo and martial arts a couple of times a week. We're out camping, we're out doing a number of things, and really just trying to be actively involved.

    No matter what my career ambitions are, or what I want to learn, or if I want to go back to school, or want to go do this other thing, I need to be available to my kids during this time.

    If I could just respond to everyone in memes and animated GIFs, I would love to do that. It got to the point where I had a 100 - 125 various GIFs and animated memes for responses and I stopped and thought to myself, "Self. You may have a problem here." And so I took a real hard look at my life. And indeed I had a problem with animated GIFs and memes. So I deleted them all.

    Working at a people-first agency has meant really thinking hard about leadership. I'm here to help solve any problems that you may have but at the same time, I want to see you struggle through some of those because it's through those struggles that a lot of those lessons are learned. Seeing the joy in my co-workers to really overcome a particular problem has really meant a lot of me in terms of being apart of a people-first agency.

    You like the fake crying? I call that on command!