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    I'm Jesse Brauning, video production strategist, which is by far the fanciest title I've ever had. It's almost self-explanatory I suppose, but we take cameras, we shoot video with them, we edit them together into little pictures, little stories.

    I generally limit myself to knowing way too much about Star Wars, and talking about it constantly. Favorite character does not appear in the films. His name is Corran Horn. He was Rogue 9. He eventually went on to become a Jedi himself. Luke was like...

    [Star Wars theme music]

    When I was four, my parents became missionaries and started working with the Christian Reformed Church in the Dominican Republic. So I lived there for about 15 years, grew up speaking Spanish.

    Hablo español medio y medio these days. You cannot beat like a stewed red beans and rice with stewed chicken, or pollo guisado. 

    It's like...

    But you never eat the salad, because you will die if you eat the salad because they do not wash that lettuce. It's like burned into my brain that one of my parents was like "Do NOT eat the salad."

    I spent most of my childhood making a Millenium Falcon with my hand.

    That's why I still play with Star Wars toys, I think. It's just a lot of nostalgia. I was running a Star Wars role-playing game, so I built a Lego version of the ship that their crew flew in the game.

    It's based on a single image that was produced for a campaign guidebook in like the 80s. This is the Ecthelion Void, Corellian light freighter.

    Corellia, I speculate, was Earth in some long-distant past or future or something. Because there's um…

    [Star Wars theme music]

    I don't really ever do my hair the same way twice. Get rid of it, put gel in it, and then something

    My favorite thing about Click Rain is that I have coworkers. I spent six years working all by myself in my house alone doing wedding videos and stuff, and when I came to Click Rain and there was like 30 other people who were awesome, and then also did amazing work and who I could like count on to help me out with stuff.

    It was the best.

    And I still love it, to this day, like my favorite thing about Click Rain is my awesome coworkers.

    I don't think I have a favorite director, but I'm really excited because Ryan Johnson is directing The Last Jedi, which is the next Star Wars saga film.

    It all does come back to Star Wars eventually, even though I will freely admit that I don't think that George Lucas is a very good director.

    I mean he was a great...

    [Star Wars theme music]