Our Office with Kate Kotzea

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    I'm Kate Kotzea, the director of marketing technology at Click Rain. I get to work with an awesome and talented team of marketing engineers and content strategists to really shape campaigns for clients and how someone is coming to a website, how are we driving conversions and ROI for clients and really kind of bringing the data side of marketing and the creative side of marketing together to create great things for our clients.

    I have a wonderful husband, Nick, and an adorable daughter Mackenzie - we call her Mack - and then we have a Goldendoodle, Claire. Mack's first Halloween costume was to be a Goldendoodle, Claire. My parents judged us hard but it's okay, they're pretty cute.

    (The picture can pop.)

    When I was a little girl, I dreamed of having a career where I wore pencil skirts and heels. If I'm ever having a bad day, it's a pencil skirt and heels that makes life good. You should always be ready for a meeting, and you should always be ready for a client and you should dress for the day, for what you want to have happen. It's kind of a motto of mine. Power in the pencil. 

    Eric and I have kind of been told we can't go on client trips together any more because we don't follow directions. Our first trip up to Aberdeen, we were just chatting away and to get to Aberdeen from Sioux Falls, you literally go straight and then you go left. There are massive "here's Aberdeen" sign, "Here's the Coffee Cup" sign, “here's”, really can't miss it. It's kind of embarrassing. But we weren't late to our meeting, so we're good. 

    Eric flies now, so. 

    Wine is good, I'm a fan of wine. I studied abroad so I got to go to Italy. It's amazing and it's wonderful. I've also learned that Traverse City in Michigan has amazing wine. Conveniently we have a client there, so we're going to have to make a trip. But yeah, big fan. 

    I think every marketer has an industry that they love to work with, and travel and tourism is just such a fun one. Being able to talk conversions, and talk room bookings, and talk actually bringing people to a city to come and visit and spend money is so phenomenal and something that you just take pride in. Like, we get to market our own city. What better job is there?

    My favorite thing about Click Rain, far and above anything else, is the people. The people here are just the best. They are genuine and nice and smart. And to be surrounded by people who are so solution oriented and just want the best for our clients and want the best for our team is, it's rare and it's a gem here and a unique thing to actually love and enjoy your coworkers and get to hang out and want to hang out with each other.