Our Office with Natalie Eisenberg

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    I'm Natalie Eisenberg and I'm the new CEO at Click Rain. I'm the one that's out in front of the crew looking out on the horizon and seeing what's coming and what we're going to be up against as a company and helping lead the team forward in all of that.

    My husband Troy and I have two kids and they're 8 and 5. We have a boy and a girl. She's really formal. She's very mature for her little five-year-old age and she calls me "mother." I think she thinks being a boss is just telling other people what to do, but she likes the idea of that someday. Mother, someday I'll be a boss, too.

    We cook all the time, but we eat Mexican food like three times a week. We love Mexican food. Nikki's, Jackie's, Puerta Vallarta, Azteca sometimes. Mexican? Yeah.

    In college, I took an accounting class and I realized this is not the part of business that I want to do. I also took a marketing class in that same period of time and realized there's this whole creative side of business that I could totally do. I've been in marketing a long time. Long time.

    Somedays, I just cannot go into the break room. There's so much food! There was one day it was like donuts, cupcakes and cookies all at once. And it's just like no. It's a problem.

    I have pictures of myself in business clothes at a very young age. I guess I was thinking about working in an office. I always liked that idea.

    I never really looked it as a "I'm a woman hear me roar" kind of thing, but since the announcement came out that I would be stepping into the CEO role, I've had so many women reach out and say that they're so proud of what I've achieved for all women. That's meant a lot to me. That's made me think about it a little bit differently. It's made me think of this next stage as a chance to be more of a role model and encourage other women that this is totally possible. I never really thought of it as not being possible. Even though I didn't have my sights set on being a CEO someday. I just kept seeing potential for myself. I kept seeing jobs that I thought I could do and that I wanted. So I just went for it.

    Every once in a while I'll be whistling and people are like, "Who's whistling." Cause I can whistle like this. I'm like a ventriloquist whistler. I never knew that was a special talent until people would be like "How are you doing that?" I'm just like "that's just how I whistle."

    It's hard to say what my favorite thing about Click Rain is. Can I say three things? I love how smart people are here. I love that everybody takes care of each other. I love that we have so much fun. It's funny everyday, it's fun everyday, there's dogs, there's cats, there's pizza. There's all of that. We just have a really great time together. There's no cats.