Teaching Kids about the Web

When I read books to my three children, they learn about firemen, princesses, doctors, and astronauts.

But their dad doesn’t do any of the above. Even though I don’t wear a firemen’s hat or drive a rocket ship to work, I think my job is pretty cool and I wanted to share what I do every day with them.

I Can Work on the Internet was the solution.

I wrote this book to educate my kids on the possibilities that come with being a web nerd.

And the dream has expanded. I want every child to read about working on the internet, which is why, through my Kickstarter campaign, I am able to send the book free to schools.

I hope to play a part in educating the next generation on why the internet is a great place to work.

Who knows—maybe they’ll be the newest developer, online marketer, or interactive strategist at Click Rain some day!

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