Prendergast Earns Elite Web Analyst Certification

Google and IBM have eight, Microsoft has six, Yahoo! and Dell each have four and now Click Rain has one, too.

We’re, of course, talking about Certified Web Analysts.

Chris Prendergast, our Director of Online Marketing recently became certified by the Digital Analytics Association as an expert in the field of website analytics implementation, collection and interpretation.

Less than 100 individuals nationwide have this distinction and no other agency within a 500-mile radius has a certified web analyst on their team.

This joins Chris’ other credentials, including both Google Analytics and AdWords certifications.

“I'm pretty proud of this achievement," Chris said. “I like to be challenged, and earning this certification has been my biggest professional challenge so far.”

The Digital Analytics Association was founded in 2004 to promote advocacy, education, and research within the industry.

Please join us in congratulating Chris on this outstanding achievement.