Say Goodbye to YouTube!

The recent April Fool's YouTube Joke may not actually be such a joke.  Could we see YouTube as a future casualty to Google Spring Cleaning (201120122013)?

First some background and exciting news.

There aren't enough exclamation points in the world to describe just how happy I am with the latest Google+ BETA feature integrating +Pages with YouTube channels.  Anyone who has maintained more than one YouTube channel or wanted additional people to help maintain their own channel, will quickly tell you how much they hate needing to log in and out all day long or share passwords with other people. 

Meanwhile, Google has been trying to get people to connect their YouTube channels and Google+ profiles for some time now, but it just didn't make sense unless you were using YouTube for personal reasons. 

But now each business has the ability to connect their YouTube  channel to a Google+ Page.  Yes, you heard that right, a Page.  What are the benefits of connecting your YouTube channel and Google+ Page?

  1. A unified presence across YouTube and Google+.  The same name is now displayed on both your YouTube channel and your Google+ Page. You no longer need to worry about updating a name in two places.  This also means that your YouTube channel name can now have spaces, apostrophes, and proper capitalization.  No longer are you stuck with what is in the url.
  2. Multiple YouTube channel managers are now possible.   Businesses have repeatedly asked for the ability to have multiple logins to their YouTube channels.  This is now possible as every Manager on your Google+ Page is now a manager of your YouTube channel.  This means that anyone that can add/delete YouTube videos can now also add/delete Google+ posts and vice verse.  You no longer need to share your personal password with your co-worker or friend.  Just add their own Google+ account  as a manager of your Google+ Page to give them access to manage the associated YouTube channel. 
  3. One login for multiple channels.  Perhaps you maintain several channels for a large organization or for several clients.  You no longer need to remember all their separate YouTube login credentials.  Instead, you can now maintain each channel (up to 50) with your own login.  I can see marketing agencies and marketing departments pushing every client or organization to have a Google+ Page just for this reason alone.  Of course, if you are on top of things, you should already have a Google+ Page.
  4. There are several other small features as well for your newly connected channel/page such as improved video sharing, live broadcasts via Hangouts, and a YouTube tab on your Google+ Page.

Could we be seeing the end of YouTube as we know it?  Perhaps Google+ and YouTube will be one and the same in the not so distant future.  If channels are part of Pages and YouTube accounts are the same as Google+ accounts, what is the purpose of YouTube beyond a special search engine?  Only time will tell if we are one day looking at a YouTube spring cleaning.