Search Acronyms

Looking to learn more about Search? Here’s a few acronyms to get you started.

SEM = Search Engine Marketing. SEM encompasses both SEO and paid search.

SERP = Search Engine Results Page. The SERP displayed is in response to a query by the searcher.

PPC = Pay-Per-Click. Otherwise called paid search.

CPC = Cost Per Click. The cost for each click your ad receives.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. SEO focuses on the organic, or unpaid, listings that appear naturally on a SERP.

CTR = Click-Through Rate. The number of times your ad appeared in search results divided by the number of clicks your ad received.

ROAS = Return On Ad Spend. Profit minus cost, divided by cost.

QS = Quality Score. The estimate of the quality of your ads, landing pages, and keywords. Lower CPC and better ad positions can be earned with higher quality ads.