Social Media’s Newest Sweetheart

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about a relatively new social media platform that is poised to be the “next big thing”. With the younger demographic of online users fleeing Facebook, We Heart It is hoping to capture some of the love.

80% of We Heart It’s users are under the age of 24 and mostly female (which is opposite of Pinterest, whose 80% of users are over the age of 24), and about the same percentage of activity on the platform comes from mobile users. So instead of crock pot recipes, wedding tips, and nursery décor ideas, you’ll find inspirational quotes, fashion, and cute animal images – all with a younger generational twist.

The Pinterest-esque service had been fairly quiet until it announced last June that it had 20 million monthly active users and $8 million dollars in funding. The number of users has since increased to 25 million and it has been easily adding over one million new active users each month. With that kind of explosive growth, we’re sure to be hearing more and more about We Heart It in the coming year.