Strategy Success: First Dakota National Bank Pro Am Jam

Last weekend (July 11-14), we helped to sponsor the First Dakota Pro Am Jam, a golfing event that benefited The First Tee of South Dakota. I spoke with our very own Peder Aadahl, who played a major role in organizing and strategizing this event.

Sarah: So Peder, I hear the FD Pro Am Jam was a raging success.

Peder: Heh. Yes. (Ed. note: Peder is very modest.)

Sarah: Start us off with some info about the event.

Peder: The whole event was First Dakota National Bank’s golf benefit for The First Tee of South Dakota, a nonprofit charity that helps kids play golf. They partnered with Golf League Genius (a golf scoring system), who let us use their system for free. We set up social media accounts specifically for the event for Twitter and Instagram. We also designated a hashtag for the event, and that was how we pulled the info in for the boards.

Click Rain video board

Sarah: Tell me about the boards.

Peder: That was one of our main contributions—the slideshows on the leaderboards. Those had a newsfeed, golf scores, Instagram photos, tweets, sponsor photos, etc.


Sarah: Why are you laughing?

Peder: Those leaderboards... sounds like an easy thing, but they were actually very complex. Golf League Genius was still developing their system, Dave had to tailor a design for the scoreboard resolution, and Bryan did a ton of programming work. 

It was all web-based. So you had to have portable internet for each board, and a computer for each board. This was powered by gas generators in a very tightly confined space. So we had to work hard to keep all of the generators running, keep all of the computers safe from the heat, and make sure the MyFi was keeping up.

Sarah: But at the end of the day...

Peder: ...I was able to update the leaderboards with my mobile phone. It was awesome.

Pro Am Jam attenders

Sarah: So tell me about some of the strategizing you did during the planning phase.

Peder: Going into the event, we did a lot of strategy work. We wanted to showcase these really great sponsor pictures (themed as different bands), and had to strategize the timing for each slide, and work in the Twitter and Instagram feeds. On the day of the event, I was like, "You know, this is going to be over in three days, and we've put SO MUCH WORK into it..."

Click Rain: Another Pretty (Inter)Face

(Left to right: the Eagles, via Rohn Gibson, Peder AadahlJames Krueger, and Mark "Hendo" Henderson)

Sarah: Was it worth it?

Peder: Definitely—it ended up being an integral part of the event. It brought some great exposure to First Dakota as well. People would hashtag #FDProAmJam and realize the "FD" stood for "First Dakota", so then they'd start tweeting to @FDProAmJam and even @FirstDakota

And people were just having a great time taking pictures of themselves and their friends and watching those pictures appear on these huge displays. Yeah, definitely worth it. We're already looking forward to next year.

Pro Am Jam Concert