Tell Me: How are you feeling?

It isn’t news that Facebook has been hitting a wave of changes this year, and at high frequency. Already in 2013 we’ve covered the newsfeed remodel, how promoted posts are changing, Facebook graph search, and early this year Ryan Egan foreshadowed Facebook moving into the mobile phone landscape.

And now…we can all. 

Facebook is bringing emoticons to your status updates.

Facebook emoticon updates

If you are one of the lucky bunch o’ beta testers, you’ve been able to tell people when you are feeling lazy, happy, sad or even sassy. Immediate reaction may be, why? Do they have an apathetic option?

Some may not care, but then again, there is a significant demographic of users who haven’t been using Facebook. The social media world has been in talks of how teens and high school-aged students shy away from Facebook. Shy may be a bad word, because we know they aren’t shy – they just don’t care about Facebook. They love telling you how they feel and sharing that they’re hungry for fro-yo. So, they may <3 this!

Facebook coffee emoticon update.

More important than attracting this demographic, bringing feelings, cravings, and desires into a status update gives Facebook more data about the Facebook community. This will allow businesses to target demographics more specifically, resulting a higher ROI for online marketing efforts. Facebook hasn’t formally announced this change to their status updates, but we can still predict how this will be beneficial. 


  • Say you are Nutella, the wonderful hazelnut-chocolate spread. You see a spike of Facebook users saying, “Hanging out with my tub of Nutella. Who needs friends? – Feeling lonely.” Nutella will then be targeting young, singles in comparison to their typical 30-something mom demographic. Gasp-face!
  • “Ordering pizza tonight for the kids. – Feeling lazy.” Pizza companies will be all over that.
  • “I’m at Joe’s Bistro & the wait staff is crazy lazy. – Feeling annoyed.” Joe’s Bistro will know they need to shape up.
  • “Where is spring, South Dakota?! – Feeling grumpy.” Some may not be actionable.