Ten Haken Featured on Podcast

Paul Ten Haken was recently featured on the Bright Ideas Podcast hosted by Trent Dyrsmid on the topic of building an agency in a small market.

Paul was interviewed on the subject of Click Rain’s quick growth, culture and attracting clients. He also spoke about how to have successful partnerships in business and recruiting employees to Click Rain and Sioux Falls.

“If we can get people past the ‘Holy crap it’s really cold there’ point [recruiting] is a much easier sell,” Paul said in the interview.

When asked about creating a positive workplace culture, Paul spoke about the importance of creating and hiring well-rounded employees. Through company-paid service trips, company reward vacations, reading devotionals at Monday morning meetings, Paul described how Click Rain invests in people first and employees second.

“We use the mantra ‘faith, family, work all the time as our priority orders,” Paul said. “If the first two things get out of whack, you’re not going to be a good employee.”

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